7/5(Fri.) We held a ceremony commemorating the opening of fabbit Kobe Sannomiya.

7 Opening Ceremony was held on Friday, 5 to celebrate the opening of fabbit Kobe Sannomiya, the 21 base in Japan.

This facility was approved by the Hyogo Prefecture “Hyogo Advanced IT Entrepreneur Accumulation Support Project (Coworking Space Establishment Support)” and Kobe City “Kobe Innovation Center Location Promotion Project” on July 2019 Opened.

At the ceremony, Mr. Toshiaki Iue, representative director of Shioya Land Co., Ltd., who is a franchisee, and Mr. Tanaka, representative of the fabbit company, as well as Mr. Toshizo Ido, governor of Hyogo Prefecture, and Mr. Kizo Kumoto, Mayor of Kobe We had you add flower to ceremony with encouragement words.

▼ Greetings by Toshizo Ido, Governor of Hyogo Prefecture

▼ Greetings by Mr. Kizo Kumoto, Mayor of Kobe

In the second half of the ceremony, Mr. Hiromi Okuda, Representative Director of With Group Co., Ltd., was invited to give a lecture on “Kobe's startup ecosystem and future startup possibilities”.

In addition to Mr. Okuda, Mr. Michimasa Naka, who is also a moderator at the monthly fabbit conference, and a startup 4 from Kobe, held a panel discussion on the role of startups attacking from Kobe. It was.

Lecturers participated in the networking party held after the lecture, and the venue was closed with enthusiasm.

On the day of the event, more than 100 people participated and were featured in many media.

Starting from this opening ceremony, fabbit Kobe Sannomiya will hold many events.

▼ Click here for a video by News TV

Facility information of fabbit Kobe Sannomiya

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