June 25th (Tue) Thank you for coming to the fabbit Conference -the appeal of startups from Osaka-

June 25 Sun (Tue) Thank you for coming to the fabbit Conference -the appeal of startups from Osaka-.

June 25 (Tuesday) Tokyo was a day when the summer solstice passed and I felt the heat.
The fabbit Conference -the appeal of startups from Osaka- was held with the fabbit Global Gateway “Osaka Honmachi” as the main venue. Osaka is the host city of the “G20 Osaka Summit”. In 2018, Tokyo is ranked as the world's most livable city in the world of economists in 3. This conference introduced the current state of the Osaka startup ecosystem and the companies that grew from it.
Ms. Masayoshi Naka, who is famous as an angel investor, is invited as a moderator, and there are more than 100 names in nine venues in Otemachi, Aoyama, Hachioji, Sakae, Osaka, Fukuoka, Kokura, and Manila. We had a visit.

The first part is OSAKA INNOVATION HUB event planner, an innovation creation support base from Osaka City. Mr. Emi Ishihito of Osaka Industrial Bureau, a robot that enriches the lives of all people regardless of age, gender, nationality, and region Mr. Natsuro Akazawa, PLAN Robotics Co., Ltd., who creates a future, provides a future-oriented educational service that connects people to learning and provides a future-oriented education service. Mr. Akinori Shigemi, the only visiting nursing system in Japan, “iBow Mr. Takehito Nakano, President and CEO of eWeLL Co., Ltd., who develops “visiting nursing”, gave a panel discussion.
If it is a startup, OSAKA INNOVATION HUB that can receive various services for free of charge, the impression of Osaka startup seen from the OSAKA INNOVATION HUB, and the episode of the actual experience of the representative of the startup who is actually doing business is a startup I think it was helpful for those who were involved in doing business.

The second-participated company president seminar held every month in the second part was held in Otemachi as the main venue with the invitation of Mr. Yuichi Sasaki, President and Representative Director of Kids Kids Next Co., Ltd., which operates more than 300 daycare centers nationwide. It was. He talked about the difficulties of running a nursery school and the future of the childcare industry.

Thank you very much for your questions from the venues throughout the country.

At the networking party that took place after the lecture, teachers also participated at each venue, and the venue was closed with enthusiasm.
The next fabbitConference will be the July 25 (Thursday) fabbit Conference sharing economy "front-line services change lives".
On the day of the event, fabbit Global Gateway “Otemachi” will be the main venue. In addition to Aoyama, Hachioji, Sakae, Osaka, Hiroshima, Fukuoka, Kokura, and Manila, Kobe Sannomiya, which will be newly opened on July 5, will be connected via LIVE. Please enjoy it at a nearby venue.

fabbit Co., Ltd. agrees with the purpose of the “Japan Revitalization Strategy 2016” advocated by the government, supports “start-up companies”, “venture companies” and “second founding of SMEs”, and those companies and major companies We operate “fabbit” as a facility that promotes business matching.
As part of this, this conference is a monthly plan for seminars by listed companies, VCs, accelerators, startup pitches, business matching and networking. It has also been well received as an opportunity to interact directly with other innovators.
We will continue to organize events that will make you feel happy to participate.

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