Mr. Kizo Kumoto, Mayor of Kobe decided to visit! 7 month 5 day fabbit Kobe Sannomiya opening ceremony

2019Years7Month5Sunday (Friday)fabbitFor the opening ceremony to commemorate the opening of Kobe Sannomiya, Mayor Kizo Kumoto has decided to visit.

On the day, we will send ale to entrepreneurs gathering in the co-working space newly born in Kobe Sannomiya.

Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture150As well as being a major Japanese city with a population of 10,000 people, it is a city that focuses on supporting entrepreneurship and creating a startup ecosystem.

World-class accelerator500Startups”, A program that brings together excellent domestic and foreign entrepreneur candidates in Kobe to grow as entrepreneurs500KOBE ACCELERATOR”, And proactive activities such as funding support for entrepreneurs by prefectures and cities.

The ceremony is useful for companies that are considering collaborating with startups, companies that are already experiencing problems, and who want to contribute to attracting and supporting local Kobe startups and building ecosystems. I'm happy.

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