6/25(Tue) The theme of the fabbit Conference is “Attractive Startups from Osaka”.

6 month fabbitConference is the venue of “G20 Osaka Summit”. Introducing the current state of the startup ecosystem and the companies that have grown from it. The 2018 department is the Osaka Inovation HUB person in charge of innovation creation from Osaka City. Mr. Natsuro Akazawa, representative of PLAN Robotics Co., Ltd., creates robots that enrich the lives of all people regardless of age, gender, nationality, or region. Mr. Akinori Shigemi, President of Dream Co., Ltd., who provides future-oriented education services that connect people to learning and connect with society, representative of eWeLL Co., Ltd., the only home-visit nursing system "iBow home-visit nursing" in Japan Mr. Takehito Nakano, President and CEO, will give a panel discussion. Reference for various people such as start-up companies who are planning to expand their business, those who want to innovate their business in collaboration with other entrepreneurs, those who are collecting information about the Osaka startup ecosystem I'm happy when I become. The annual seminar for listed company presidents will be held at the main venue in Otemachi with Mr. Yuichi Sasaki, President and Representative Director of Like Kids Next Co., Ltd., which operates more than 3 daycare centers nationwide. In this seminar, you can enter questions to the speakers from your smartphone using codes distributed at venues nationwide. The discussions will be even more heated by the questions of the participants. Click here for the outline and timetable.

fabbit creates a new business model through the support of startups and companies' second establishment centering on the management of co-working spaces, and has many unique support systems to promote business matching and technological innovation. Expanding. As part of this, this conference is a monthly plan for seminars by listed companies, VCs and accelerators, pitches by startups, business matching and networking, and opportunities for direct dialogue with management and innovators including listed company presidents. Even so, it is a well-received event every time.

At the networking party after the seminar, the number of participants increased with each round, and we were happy to hear that it led to an actual business.

Nationwidefabbit(Otemachi, Aoyama, Hachioji, Sakae, Osaka Honmachi, Hiroshima, Across Fukuoka) andCOMPASSKokura and the overseas base PhilippinesLIVEYou will be able to participate in a venue near you as you will be connected via broadcast.

We look forward to seeing you at fabbit.

List of relay stations

-fabbit Global Gateway “Otemachi”




-fabbit Global Gateway “Osaka Honmachi”

-fabbitHiroshima Station

-fabbit Global Gateway"ACROS Fukuoka"


-fabbit Philippines BGC

(May this year at the conference Otemachi Venue and the Hiroshima Venue, which became the main venue)

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