Yuriko Koike Governor of Tokyo visited fabbit Hachioji

Governor Yuriko Koike in Tokyo5Month15Japan and Japan visited the Hachioji Joint Government Office and educational institutions as a tour of Tokyo-related projects.

fabbitIn Hachioji, the operating company, S. Elasto Inc. President Koji SugimotofabbitRegarding the thoughts and current situation when Hachioji was established,fabbitMr. Yasunari Tanaka explained the fabbit business and talked about Hachioji's unique entrepreneur support and new ways of working.

Governor Koike explained,fabbitIn the workshop in Hachioji, we saw how users teach programming to children.

fabbitHachioji is the first coworking space with manufacturing facilities in the Tama area of ​​Tokyo.2017Years12Opened in the month.

Workspace and power,Wi-FiThe environment is in place and, as well as satellite offices, creators' personal offices and workshops, there is a workshop,3DPrinters and laser cutters,3D CADVarious machine tools etc. are installed to support manufacturing with full service.

fabbitThrough Hachioji, we will connect “people” and “people” to deepen exchanges and improve knowledge.

Such “new“ things ”and“ things ”are born. I hope it will be an exciting place.

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