Representative Tanaka participated as a judge of the 10 Hult Prize Tokyo Regional Qualifier (Regional Summit).

Tanab, fabbit representative, participated as a judge in the 4 Hult Prize Tokyo District Qualifier held in Tokyo on the 28 month 10.

The Hult Prize was established in 2009 to provide inspiration, knowledge, and training to young people around the world, and to create socially sustainable startups. In addition, it started as a program that gives investment opportunities to the entrepreneurial ideas.

This year's theme was “Creating meaningful employment opportunities for 10 million young people over the next 1 year”.

Tanab, the representative of fabbit, introduced “Cataconnect” of Kyoto University.

The team is thinking about ideas to improve the lives of people left behind from society, specifically people who live in Brazil, called “catadores,” who live in the area of ​​garbage collection. With the cooperation, we aim to create an incentive that collects, classifies and collects trash in 1 locations by providing the Catadres network with digital currency that can be used at local stores.

Eventually, the final presentation will be held at the UN Hult Prize Global Final in New York in 9 month, and $ 100 million will be sent to the winning team as a startup fund.

In the future, fabbit will continue to support Japanese startups so that they can succeed in the world.

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