Thank you for visiting the fabbit Conference-Trends in Asian Countries-2/20 (Wed).

2 Mon 20 (Wednesday) Tokyo was a warm and comfortable day in winter.
The fabbit Conference – Trends in Asian Countries – is held mainly in the fabbit Global Gateway “Otemachi” venue, and companies that already have customers in Asian countries are taking advantage of this opportunity to start up business in Asian countries. It was crowded with many participants, including companies.
A lot of people visited with 200 names at 9 venues in Aoyama, Hachioji, Sakae, Osaka Honmachi, Hiroshima, Across Fukuoka, COMPASS Kokura, and overseas bases in the Philippines.

The first part was a special performance by Japanese venture capital capitalist Liu Yuyang. In fact, it was an interesting lecture with examples of successful startups in China.

The second part is COO Allen Lee of Collab Asia, Inc., a digital content studio that maximizes the creativity and profits of mobile video creators, musicians and content owners, and EBC Inc., which conducts incubation business for IT startup companies Panel discussion by Founder Satoku Tokuchi was held.
The lecturers were excited about the business they were involved in, talked about their impressions of Asian countries, and the challenges they faced while developing their business.

Part 3 was the annual seminar for listed company presidents, where Mr. Takashi Shiraishi, President of Light-up Co., Ltd., gave a lecture on the history of listing and company management of small and medium-sized companies.
He explained in detail how to move as a small and medium-sized business manager for business IT and securing human resources, and the venue was listening to the lecture.

Thank you very much for your questions from the venues throughout the country.
After the lecture, the networking party was attended by lecturers and exchanged information on efforts related to work style reforms. In addition, the exchange of business cards led to a wider circle of participants, and the venue was closed with enthusiasm.
The next conference will be
March 26 (Tuesday) fabbit Conference -The attractiveness and challenges of the Japanese market as seen from Europe-will be held.
On the day, we will connect Otemachi, Aoyama, Sakae, Osaka Honmachi, Hiroshima, Fukuoka, COMPASS Kokura, and the Philippines via LIVE broadcasts.
fabbit Conference ―The appeal and challenges of the Japanese market from the perspective of Europe―

fabbit creates a new business model through the support of startups and companies' second establishment centering on the management of co-working spaces, and has many unique support systems to promote business matching and technological innovation. We are developing.
As part of this, this conference is a monthly plan for seminars by listed companies, VCs, accelerators, startup pitches, business matching and networking. It has also been well received as an opportunity to interact directly with other innovators.
We will continue to organize events that will make you feel happy to participate.

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