August 28 (Tue) fabbit Conference in alliance with FGN-Inbound-Program Decision

In Augustfabbit ConferenceIn addition to the monthly listed company president seminar, will feature a special lecture and a panel discussion and question-and-answer session by the executives of companies active in the inbound market with the keyword “inbound”.

According to the Japan Tourism Board,2012The number of foreigners visiting Japan has been rising since the year,2017The year2,869A record high for everyone2020The goal for the year is4,000The inbound market is expected to rise as a result.

on the other hand,2020What will happen after the year? Isn't there a shortage of human resources and attractive content? It is also a market where people are worried.

Packed with tips to solve such anxiety and questionsConference.

In the first part, as a special lectureArchiveCo-founder and President Fuche Stefan talks about “Japan's inbound business”. Mr. Stephan, who graduated from Harvard University and has experience working at a Japanese company, will consider the inbound business in Japan to be an interesting lecture.

The second part is a panel discussion about “inbound”.

The first half is “For the rapidly increasing number of visiting tourists.ITWith the theme of “service”, we launched a general foundation tag fit, and now, with Mr. Takamasa Kamio, director of Jacquard Co., Ltd.OkageShunsuke TsuboiCEOMr. Yoshihisa Uchida will appear. Smartphone app "Trip'nScanIs issued by Tag FitQRcode"kotoZna QRIs provided to convert Japanese character information into the user's language. Also,Okage“Full cloud service for restaurants”Okage The cash register's table top ordering system is also available in multiple languages, so it can welcome foreign visitors to Japan without stress.

The second half provides a guide matching service that connects Japanese people who want international exchange with foreigners visiting Japan.Huber.CEOCEOWith Takeshi Kiriku2016Established in 1958, a startup from Hiroshima that provides cultural experience servicesokeiko JapanMr. Sakae Hashiguchi, Representative Director, and platform for experience plans for wealthy”By Tomoyoshi Maruyama, Representative Director of Experisus Corporation, who creates Japanese fans all over the world.5000We will have a discussion on the theme of “The Challenge of Venture Companies to the Age of All”.

The third part is the monthly listed company president seminar.2007After founding in2017Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers market in June,2018Mr. Mitsuhiro Yoneda, Representative Director of Tunagu Solutions Inc., a recruitment agency and consulting company dedicated to part-time workers who changed the market to the first part of the market in July 2015 will be on stage. A speaker who was not originally aiming to start a business will tell you the essence of what he has been trying to do since the time of office workers.

In this seminar, you can enter questions to the speakers from your smartphone using codes distributed at venues nationwide. The discussions will be even more heated by the questions of the participants.

Follow the link below for event details:

fabbit Conference in alliance with FGN

Centered around our coworking spaces, at fabbit we support startups and SMEs as they create new business models, and promote business matching and technological innovation through our unique support programs.

This conference is held as one of our whole above mentioned activity, includes a seminar by a listed company, VC, accelerator etc. ,pitch by startups, and business matcing /networking.VConce a month

It is a popular event that is filled every time as an opportunity to have direct dialogue with managers and innovators including presidents of listed companies.

A networking party will be held after the seminar.

At the networking party after the seminar, the number of participants increased with each round, and we were happy to hear that it led to an actual business.

Nationwidefabbit(Otemachi, Aoyama, Hachioji, Sakae, Hiroshima Station,COMPASSKokura) and Fukuoka (Fukuoka growth Next)LIVEYou can choose one of the venues because you will be connected via broadcast. Please join us.

(July Conference Otemachi Venue and Networking Party)

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