6 Mon 12 (Tue) fabbit Conference in alliance with FGN-AI-

The 6 Month Conference will be held on Tuesday, 6 Monday, in addition to the annual seminars for listed companies, as well as the management of companies that are active in the field of AI.

AI (artificial intelligence) is the ability to artificially construct human intelligence on a computer, such as understanding conversation, logical thinking, memory, learning, reasoning, and judgment.
The history of AI began in the 1950 era and has been called the “Third AI Boom” after repeated booms.
Today, it is frequently taken up in daily news, and AI that has become recognized by many people can use how and how it affects the business scene and daily life as it grows I would like you to teach me from the perspective of business operators in the AI ​​field.

Centered around our coworking spaces, at fabbit we support startups and SMEs as they create new business models, and promote business matching and technological innovation through our unique support programs.

As part of this, this conference is a seminar by listed companies, VCs, accelerators, etc., startup pitches, monthly planning for business matching and networking. It is a well-received event that will be filled every time as an opportunity to interact directly with the innovator.
A networking party will be held after the seminar. Each time, the number of participants has increased, and we have been happy to hear that it has led to actual business.

The fabbit bases (Otemachi, Aoyama, Hachioji, Sakae, Hiroshima, Kitakyushu) and Fukuoka (Fukuoka growth Next) will be connected via LIVE broadcast, so you can choose one of the venues. Please join us.

(5 Moon Conference Otemachi Venue and Networking Party)

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