fabbit President and CEO: Yasunari Tanaka visited Estonia, a start-up support developed country, and had an interview with Prime Minister Yuri Taras.

5 May 23-25, together with Mayor Soichiro Takashima of Fukuoka City, Yasunari Tanaka, President and CEO of fabbit, visited Estonia.
Tanaka attended an interview with Prime Minister Yuri Taras (39) and Mayor Takashima, and gained acquaintances with local startups and related parties at Latitude59 °.

Estonia is a country with a population of about 130 and almost the same area as Kyushu. Its growth has been remarkable, and from 91 to the present, GDP has increased approximately threefold and continues to grow.

The power of “IT” and “Startup” is supporting this growth.

First, in terms of IT, Estonia, the world's most advanced e-government, where 99% administrative services can be processed online. We are quickly realizing a future-type open government.
As for the startup, an event called “Latitude59 °”, which Tanaka also participated in, is taking place, and speakers and booths from all over the world are gathering. There is a big event every year that brings together 3,000 to 4,000 people.

This visit, while European countries are strengthening their startup support, was a great inspiration for what fabbit needed to further develop the fabbit ecosystem in the future.

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