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The "fabbit Conference National Conference" held on the 12 month 5 is more than 2500 names including the founders of Apple and YouTube, global companies and women entrepreneurs, and startups that will lead Japan in the future. It was a great success with the participation of people from various industries such as start-up companies, companies that would like to partner with, VCs, government offices, financial institutions, and universities.
In addition, many people came from far away, such as Hokkaido and Okinawa in Japan, and the United States, China, Taiwan, Bangkok, etc. overseas.
We hope that this fabbitconference national convention will expand the current business and create new businesses for all visitors.
I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all of you who attended during the busy season.

SpeakersEveryone who gave a lecture

Everyone who gave a lecture

Networking PartyBusiness card exchange

Business card exchange

Global session

Mikio Sugihara

Nasdaq Representative to Japan
Nasdaq Technology Japan Co., Ltd.
Representative Director Mikio Sugihara

Akihiro Watanabe

GCA Corporation
Representative Director Akihiro Watanabe

Woman Innovators Session

Rin Kobayashi

Representative Director Rin Kobayashi

Rika Nakazawa

Atheer, Advisory Board member
Rika Nakazawa

Startup session

Kazuma Iiri

President and CEO Mr. Kazuma Iiri

Chichi Iji

Creww Inc.
Representative Director Tomo Ichi

Social contribution lecture

Satomi Okuno

Regional Revitalization National Council
Secretary General Satomi Okuno

Global Special Presents

Chad Harley

YouTube co-founder
Chad Harley

Steve Wozniak

Apple co-founder
Steve Wozniak

Networking party





Tsukasa Saito

Trendy Angel Tsukasa Saito

Hajime Akira and Tsukumo-chan

Hajime Akira and Tsukumo-chan

Marie Iide

Marie Iide

Chichi Iji



Tatsumasa Naka

Boardwalk Capital Co., Ltd.
(Listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange)
Michimasa Naka

Daniel Fujii

Trust Capital Co., Ltd.
(Listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange)
Mr. Daniel Kanon Fujii

Yasunari Tanaka

President of fabbit Inc.
Fukuoka Growth Next Executive Director
Mr. Yasunari Tanaka


The Prince Park Tower Tokyo
〒105-0011 4-8-1 Shiba Park, Minato-ku, Tokyo

・ 12 walk from JR Line / Tokyo Monorail Hamamatsucho Station.
・ 6 walk from Daimon Station (A9) on the Toei Asakusa Line and Oedo Line.
・ It is 1 minutes on foot from Kamiyacho Station (12) on the Hibiya Line.
・ It is 2 minutes on foot from Toei Oedo Line Akabanebashi Station (Akabanebashi Exit).
・ 4 walk from Toei Mita Line Shiba Koen Station (A3) and 1 walk from Onarimon Station (A5).

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Past speakers

Wikipedia Co-Founder
Jimmy Wales

Twitter Co-Founder
Mr. Biz Stone

DocuSign, Inc.
executive chairman
Keith Krach

Opt Holding Co., Ltd.
(Listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange)
Mr. Noboru Hachiman

Former Rugby New Zealand
National team "All Blacks" captain
Richie Mako

FC Barcelona
Managing Director, Asia Pacific Region
Xavi Asensi

TK Co., Ltd.
(Listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange)
Takaki Kono

Bill Jacobson

Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, University of Tokyo
Mr. Katsuya Tamai

Istyle Inc.
President and CEO
Mr. Tetsuro Yoshimatsu

Mr. Mariko Tokioka

Sakura Internet Co., Ltd.
Ogasawara Osamu

GLM Corporation
(Listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange)
Mr. Hiroyasu Oma

Trust Capital Co., Ltd.
President and CEO
Mr. Daniel Kazunori Fujii

* This tournament is jointly held with the 5th National Convention for Regional Revitalization.