[Cancelled] February 2020, 2 fabbit Conference-AI situation in 27-

Event Summary

Thank you very much for applying for this event.

Due to the spread of pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus infection, the “Fabbit Conference 2 AI Situation”, which was scheduled for Thursday, February 27, will improve the safety of all participants and stakeholders. First of all, we decided to cancel the event.

I am very sorry, but if you understand it, I am fortunate.

The theme of the fabbit Conference on Thursday, February 2 is "AI situation in 27"

In recent years, various AIs in familiar fields such as retail, manufacturing, and logistics have been introduced, and the word "AI" may have become commonplace.
And while we can imagine the utilization technologies such as demand forecasting, data analysis, and image authentication / analysis, isn't it the current state of knowledge about AI's strengths and use cases (good examples)?

For this fabbit Conference, we will invite leading startups in B2B and B2C AI solutions to discuss their success and how they expect AI to develop in 2020 and beyond. Next, Hirofumi Kasuga of PORT INC. will speak on his journey from entrepreneurship to IPO.

On the day of the event, participants can submit questions to the speakers from their personal devices using QR codes distributed at venues nationwide. Questions from the audience will stimulate richer and more productive conversation.

After the lecture, we will hold a networking party to facilitate interaction among participants.
It will be an opportunity to exchange information with startups, major corporations, and venture companies in diverse fields.

fabbit locations across the country (Otemachi, Aoyama, Hachioji, Sakae, Osaka Hommachi, Kobe Sannomiya, Hiroshima, ACROS Fukuoka), COMPASS Kokura, and overseas bases in the Philippines and Taiwan will be connected for the event over live broadcast. Please participate at a venue near you.

[Satellite Venues]
・ fabbit Global Gateway “Otemachi"
・ fabbit Aoyama
・ fabbit Hachioji
・ fabbit Sakae
・ fabbit Global Gateway “Osaka Honmachi”
・ fabbit Kobe Sannomiya
・ fabbit Hiroshima Station
・ fabbit Global Gateway “ACROS Fukuoka”
・ COMPASS Kokura
・ fabbit Philippines BGC
・ Taiwan Tech Arena


2020/2/27 (Thu.) 18:00~21:00
Entry fee
Free (advance registration required)


Former Citigroup Securities Vice President, Hitotsubashi University Graduate School Part-time Lecturer, Keio University Lecturer

Graduated from the Faculty of Science and Technology, Keio University, and obtained a master's degree in engineering from the Graduate School of Science and Engineering in 1989. After graduating, he joined Solomon Brothers Asia Securities and worked as a top salesman. Later, he became Vice President of Citigroup Securities. Established Storm Harbor Securities after leaving the company in 2010, and currently serves as chairman of the board of the company, as well as part-time lecturer at Hitotsubashi University Graduate School and lecturer at Keio University. Authored a book on developing successful global human resources, published by Gentosha.

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