WHAT'S fabbit?


Produce a unicorn company from the fabbit ecosystem

fabbit operates facilities that provide support to startup companies, venture companies, and SMEs and facilitate business matching between these and larger companies, in accordance with the government's "Japan Revitalization Strategy 2016." We currently have 23 domestic and 22 international* facilities with a total of approximately 7,200 members, and are actively engaged in information exchange with members and major cities throughout the country. In addition to accessible and convenient workspace, we also offer a wide variety of events, seminars, and consultation services to promote valuable interactions among members. We hope that startups and venture companies, as well as freelancers, teleworkers, and companies engaging in open innovation projects, take advantage of our unique and high-quality facilities.

* Includes facilities in design and construction phases.

-Proposals for acquisitions, reorganizations, mergers, and alliances utilizing AI technology

-Global exit support utilizing AI technology

-Global sales channel expansion and funding support

fabbit TEAM

fabbit CEO

Yasunari Tanaka

fabbit CEO
Harvard Business School and University of Tokyo graduate

Former employee of Boston Consulting Group and major trading companies
Published work (translation): “Entering StartUpLand: An Essential Guide to Finding the Right Job” by HBS Senior Lecturer Jeffrey Bussgang

Advisory Board

  • Michimasa Naka

    Boardwalk Capital Inc.
    Keio University graduate

    Former Citigroup Securities Executive Vice President
    Former Storm Harbor Securities Chairman of the Board
    Served as a director of listed companies such as GLM Inc., iStyle Inc., Genie Inc., and Vision Inc.

  • Kazunori Fujii Daniel

    President and CEO of Trust Capital Co., Ltd.
    Harvard University graduate

    Bachelor's degree from Harvard University • Master's degree from Harvard University Graduate School, former Blackstone Japan representative, Harvard Club of Japan director, Philips Andover Asia Council director, US-Japan Council director, Silicon Valley Japan Platform (SVJP) Executive Committee member

  • Cornelius Boersch

    Founder of Mountain Partners AG
    Executive Chairman

    After graduating from the European Business School (Estrich-Winkel), Boersch acquired a PhD at the University of Duisburg-Essen, founded ACG AG (listed company), and worked as a serial entrepreneur and angel investor. He was named "Business Angel of the Year" by the European Trade Association for Business Angels and Early Stage Investors (EBAN) in 2009.

  • Former sword Mr. Sadaaki

    President, Realdia Co., Ltd.
    Completed Master's Program at Keio University

    After working for Sony, Bain & Company, Walt Disney, AOL, etc., he became Vice President of Apple US Headquarters and representative of Japanese corporation, and after reviving Apple in the Japanese market entrusted by Steve Jobs, established Realdia. Develops and consults on "DEAR WONDER" to polish creative intelligence

fabbit STAFF

Keisuke Takahashi

Certified public accountant
Tokyo Institute of Technology graduate

Yusuke Komuro

Certified public accountant
Waseda University graduate


Stéphane E. Fouché

Founder & CEO
Harvard University graduate

Rika Nakazawa

BoardSeatMeet, Inc Founder&CEO
Eurika Global
Founder & Principal
Princeton University graduate

Haruki Yoshio

Systemsoft Corporation
(Listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange)
University of Tokyo graduate

Yoichi Otsuki

Mebuki Co., Ltd. President & CEO
University of Tokyo graduate

Hideo Todo

Attorney at Law
University of Tokyo graduate

Ai Shiotani


fabbit MEMBERS

7,200 individual members
1,200 member companies

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Collaboration with local governments

Tokyo Tama Manufacturing (Monozukuri) Support Project Subsidized Facility

fabbit Hachioji (2017/12~)

fabbit Hachioji opened in December XNUMX as the first coworking space equipped with manufacturing facilities in the Tama area of Tokyo. fabbit Hachioji provides workspace, power supply, and WiFi, and can be used as a satellite office, a personal office for creators, or a workshop. The space is equipped with various tools such as XNUMXD-CAD to support manufacturing with a full range of services. fabbit Hachioji is an exciting facility where interpersonal connections lead to rich exchange and heightened knowledge, and new things are born.

Public-private joint facility in Kitakyushu City

powered by fabbit (2017/12~)

The Kitakyushu Telework Center has reopened as COMPASS Kokura, a core startup support facility connecting resources scattered throughout the city.
COMPASS Kokura offers not only large-scale coworking space and entrepreneur support programs, but also various counseling services, consolidation and dissemination of startup-related information, a community of individuals with startup experience, innovation born of entrepreneurs' membership and communication, and manufacturing support from the Kitakyushu National College of Technology and companies throughout the city.

Innovation Hub Promotion System

fabbit Kobe Sannomiya (2019/7~)

We worked in cooperation with Hyogo Prefecture to open this facility as an innovation hub that gathers and retains startups in Kobe, a city actively supporting the development of startups that utilize IT to promote sustainable economic growth. The facility was opened with recognition from the "Innovation Hub Promotion System," which subsidizes rent and various facility costs.

Project with financial support from Hawaii and the U.S. government

fabbit Hawaii


Entrepreneurs Sandbox, a community center for innovation and development of the Hawaiian economy and industry, was built as part of the Hawaii Kakaako area redevelopment project led by Hawaiian government-operated HTDC. In support of the project, fabbit established "fabbit Hawaii" within the Sandbox as a project investor.

Building an exchange base that will serve as a new bridge

fabbit Munakata


“Fabbit Munakata” was opened in 2 as a project to utilize the second floor of the second parking lot for vehicles such as the south exit of Akama Station owned by Munakata City.

The concept is "building an exchange base that will become a new bridge," and a 12-member supporter team centered on people from Munakata City will be enrolled to provide member support.
Look forward to new innovation in Munakata City!

Public-private facility with Fukuoka City

Fukuoka Growth Next


Fukuoka Growth Next is a public-private startup support facility housed in an out-of-operation elementary school. Under the strong leadership of Mayor Takashima, the project, which revolved around startup support, produced visible results in re-energizing the city's economy and creating jobs, and attracted attention from around Japan and overseas.
As a partner, a fabbit group company operated Fukuoka Growth Next from 2017/2 to 2019/3. Through the project we were able to achieve KPIs that greatly exceeded our original goals.
・ Business matchings: 32,413
・ Employment growth: 139 people
・ Growth in net sales: 172%
・ Successful fundraisers: 25 (approx. 71 billion yen)
We will continue to work with Fukuoka Growth Next periodically.

fabbit Co., Ltd.

Location 100-0004
Asahi Seimei Otemachi Building 6F, 1-3-XNUMX, Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
CEO Yasunari Tanaka
Business Support for startups and SMEs
Startup ecosystem development through incubation and acceleration programs
Coworking space and rental office operation
Adviser Koji Omura
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