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Our company agrees with the purpose of the “Japan Revitalization Strategy 2016” advocated by the government, supports “start-up companies”, “venture companies” and “second founding of SMEs”, and promotes business matching between these companies and major companies We have operated "fabbit" as a facility to do this. Currently, it has facilities in 20 in Japan and 19 in Japan * and approximately 3,000 (name) members, and is actively engaged in information exchange between members and cities in the country and overseas bases. .



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          Representative Tanaka participated in the Hult Prize Final as a judge

          “Fabbit Hawaii” Opened Today-Contributing to Globalization of Business with Kakaako Area Sandbox Project-

          Co-working platform “via-at” introduced in fabbit Aoyama

          fabbit sponsored Startup World Cup XNUMX Kyushu Road Show as the main sponsor

          Co-sponsored series event with Kepple Academy “VC / CVC Night” start.

          COMPASS Kokura was featured in “News from Kitakyushu Municipal Government: ” published on the date of October 10st 1.

          Announcement of fabbit Conference “Food /Agri Tech-Thinking about Future Food-”on October 10th (Wed.)

          9/26 (Thu) Thank you for coming to fabbit Conference IoT-Things and Life Connected by Technology.

          fabbit “Global Gateway” brand opens first overseas office in San Francisco

          Notice of operating company change due to absorption-type split

          We will sponsor the Startup World Cup 2020 Kyushu Road Show as the main sponsor.

          8/27 (Tue.) Thank you for visiting our fabbit Conference subscription, “A New Life from the Reform of the Billing Model”.

          September 26th (Thu.) The theme of the fabbit Conference is IoT-Things and life connected by technology-

          Notice of summer holidays

          fabbit Hawaii base open decision-Contributing to globalization of business with Kakaako area Sandbox project-

          August 27th (Tue) fabbit Conference subscription "new life given by changing billing model" will be held!

          July 25th (Thursday) fabbit Conference Thank you for coming to the sharing economy “Frontline Services Change Your Life”.

          Bijihachi 2019 final judging event was held at fabbit Hachioji!

          Notice of summer holidays

          7/5(Fri.) We held a ceremony commemorating the opening of fabbit Kobe Sannomiya.

          Revision of Membership Rules and Terms of Use

          June 25th (Tue) Thank you for coming to the fabbit Conference -the appeal of startups from Osaka-

          Fabbit members will participate as mentors in the Will Group HRTech Accelerator Program

          [Notice of listing] Partner Infonet Co., Ltd. listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange

          July 25th (Thu.) fabbit Conference Sharing Economy-“Front-line services change lives” will be held!

          7/10 (Wed.) COMPASS Kokura Renewal 1 Anniversary Event

          Governor Toshizo Iido has decided to visit! 7/5 fabbit Kobe Sannomiya opening ceremony

          Mr. Kizo Kumoto, Mayor of Kobe decided to visit! 7 month 5 day fabbit Kobe Sannomiya opening ceremony

          6/25(Tue) The theme of the fabbit Conference is “Attractive Startups from Osaka”.

          2019/7/5 fabbit Kobe Sannomiya Open Memorial Event Announcement

          Thank you for coming to the 5/30 fabbit Conference “To start a business in a local area”-Hiroshima startup support case study.

          Inviting fabbit members to the Tokyo Dome Suite Club

          Yuriko Koike Governor of Tokyo visited fabbit Hachioji

          Notice of decision to hold fabbit Hachioji Business Plan Contest 2019

          fabbit Kobe Sannomiya 7/5 Open ~ Strengthen startup support in western Japan ~

          5/30 (Thu.) The theme of the fabbit Conference has been decided to be “Starting up a local business”-Hiroshima startup support case study.

          Representative Tanaka participated as a judge of the 10 Hult Prize Tokyo Regional Qualifier (Regional Summit).

          Thank you for coming to the fabbit Conference-Challenge for Entrepreneurship in the US-4 Mon 23 (Tue)

          Golden Week holiday notice

          4/23(Tue) fabbit Conference-Entrepreneurship in the US-Speaker

          4/23 (Tue) fabbit Conference-Challenge to start a business in the USA

          Thank you for coming to the fabbit Conference on March 26 (Tue) March-the appeal and challenges of the Japanese market as seen from Europe.

          Business collaboration with fabbit and Trusted-Globalization of business through introduction of B2B platform-

          NICT and MIC Entrepreneur Koshien and Entrepreneur Expo fabbit awards have been decided

          3/26(Tue) fabbit Conference-Attractiveness and Challenges of the Japanese Market from the Viewpoint of Europe-

          Thank you for visiting the fabbit Conference-Trends in Asian Countries-2/20 (Wed).

          Strengthening collaboration between fabbit consortium and West Japan City Bank -Supporting startups to become the most entrepreneurial city in Japan-

          2/20 (Wed) fabbit Conference-Trends in Asian Countries-

          Thank you for holding the fabbit Conference

          fabbit Global Gateway “ACROS Fukuoka” 12 / 7 Open -Startup Bridge in Global Founding City Fukuoka-

          Winter holiday notice

          fabbit and Pasona form business alliance-Start-up support by providing "people" and "know-how" Seminar held at 12 / 12 (Wednesday)

          Participation of fabbit in entrepreneurship program developed by Kyushu Institute of Technology-Education seminar starts on 12 on the 1 month-

          Thank you for visiting fabbit Conference in alliance with FGN-Work Style Reform-Tuesday, 10 (Tuesday).

          Business collaboration between Slush Tokyo and fabbit -Slush Tokyo x fabbitRecruiting Event10 / 26 (Friday)-

          10 Mon 23 (Tue) fabbit Conference in alliance with FGN-Work Style Reform-Program Decision

          fabbit Conference national convention will be held!

          APAMAN group startup fund co-founded

          fabbit Global Gateway “Osaka Honmachi” 2018 Year 10 Month 1 Day Open -Coworking Space for Startups Aiming for Global Expansion-

          9 Mon 19 (Wednesday) Thank you for coming to fabbit Conference in alliance with FGN-FinTech.

          Open innovation program "APAMAN Accelerator 2018" by APAMAN and Creww starts on 9 month 25 day

          fabbit sponsors “Startup World Cup Kyushu”-Yasunari Tanaka, representative of fabbit, served as a judge

          fabbit and Workshift Solutions enter into business alliance-enhancement of ecosystem for global startups-

          Thank you for coming to fabbit Conference in alliance with FGN-Inbound.

          August 28 (Tue) fabbit Conference in alliance with FGN-Inbound-Program Decision

          August 27 (Mon) fabbit Global Gateway “Otemachi” Preliminary preview

          fabbit Global Gateway “Otemachi” 2018 year 9 month 8 day opening

          Capital tie-up with crowdfunding "CAMPFIRE"

          Thank you for coming to fabbit Conference in alliance with FGN-Healthcare.

          7 Mon 24 (Tue) fabbit Conference in alliance with FGN-Healthcare-Program Decision

          MURC Accelerator LEAP OVER Phase 2 supported by fabbit -Fabbit supports efforts to realize a sustainable community-

          Disaster support related to record heavy rain

          Announcement of the publication of the book by Mr. Kiichi Hongo, representative of fabbit Otemachi resident company Indy Pa Co., Ltd.

          2018 Year 7 Month 24 (Tue) fabbit Conference in alliance with FGN-Healthcare-

          Business alliance with crowdfunding “CAMPFIRE”-Start-up support program to support challenges for individuals and companies

          Thank you for coming to fabbit Conference in alliance with FGN -AI- on Tuesday, 6.

          Supporting fabbit nationwide start-up excavation and development-NICT supports the planning and implementation of the entrepreneur Koshien and Entrepreneur Expo district conferences organized by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

          Kitakyushu Telework Center reopened as nickname "COMPASS Kokura"

          fabbit President and CEO: Yasunari Tanaka visited Estonia, a start-up support developed country, and had an interview with Prime Minister Yuri Taras.

          Launch of listed company using fabbit ecosystem

          6 Mon 12 (Tue) fabbit Conference in alliance with FGN-AI-

          5 Mon 16 (Wednesday) Thank you for visiting fabbit Conference in alliance with FGN ―IoT―.

          5 Mon 16 (Wed) fabbit Conference in alliance with FGN-IoT- Program decided!

          5 Mon 10 (Thursday) Women Only Lawyers teach, know and gain legal knowledge of labor and employment

          April 20 (Friday) Thank you for visiting fabbit Conference -SHARING ECONOMY-.

          fabbit Ginza coworking space reopened

          Announcement of the fabbit Aoyama private preview for women-friendly coworking space

          fabbit Sakae Renewal & Coworking Space Open Decision-The concept is "Accelerate business in coworking space. So fabbit"-

          Women friendly fabbit Aoyama Open-The concept is "Work like me, live like me. So fabbit"

          Announcement of changes in membership and terms of use

          March 14 (Wednesday) Thank you for coming to fabbit Conference alliance with FGN.

          3 Mon 28 (Wednesday) We will hold a cross-industry exchange meeting.

          2 Mon 21 (Thu) Thank you for visiting fabbit Conference.

          fabbit Presents “Young 3 Professional Entrepreneurship Support Seminar” Next is 3 Monday 16 Friday.

          Thank you for participating in the cross-industry exchange meeting.

          3 Mon 14 (Wed) fabbit Conference program decision!

          Cross-industry exchange new year party in fabbit Otemachi, fabbit Hiroshima Station Thank you for participating.

          A new encounter in a new year -The first new year party in 2018 will be held-

          Tanaka, the representative director of fabbit, will appear at the Science & Innovation Forum in Fukuoka

          fabbit CEO Yasunari Tanaka Translated “Working at Startup” was ranked third in the business book sales ranking.

          fabbit Hachioji Open-From Hachioji to the world, contributing to the development and exchange of local industries through establishment support-

          About 2,500 people from around the world participated in the fabbitconference national convention.

          Winter holiday notice

          11 Mon 22 (Wed) fabbit Conference in alliance with FGN

          fabbit Otemachi [Announcement of temporary closure due to a power outage throughout the building] 1 / 7 (Sun)-1 / 8 (Monday / holiday) all day


          Today, there is no organization that does not have to do anything new, from every company, local government, hospital and school.
          One of the means to create a new business is through open innovation while it is required for every organization.
          Open innovation is to promote innovation within an organization by actively collaborating with external players to gain ideas and technologies that are not inside.
          fabbit provides the following services that lead to open innovation of companies making full use of the know-how cultivated to date and the connection with the startups.
          ① Customized matching with startups.
          ② Provide innovative human resources.
          ③ Provide facilities.


          We provide management resources such as human resources, business infrastructure, financing, and business opportunities that startups are lacking in as our services.


          It is a recruitment site for those who want to build a career at startups. Those who says "I want to challenge with startups, not big companies!" or "I want to work with a freelance contract!" will be welcomed.

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